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Some tip for mac-os users:
Confessions of an Undercover Geek » Where did all my hard drive space go?:

"Where did all my hard drive space go?

Lately it seems like my hard drive space had been getting less and less.

On Friday, I was watching the latest episode of They talked about different tools you could use to visualize where the space was being taken up on your hard drive. The mac tool they talked about was Disk Inventory X. It is awesome.

It shows a rectangle and splits the rectangle up with different colors and boxes to show the different files that are taking up space on your hard drive. The tool makes it easy to go and clean out old files that are taking up space. I was able to successfully clean out a bunch of space on my hard drive.

This tool just works for Mac OS X. If you are a Windows users, there is SequoiaView and TreePie."

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