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a simple software to understand what fills your Hard Disk

Marco Borgna Blog:


FROM MONKEY BASNew AJAX search engine called SNAP. It's look cool and has some interesting function :


The old blog layout has been lost in a "save template" failed. Very strange. For now I'm using this terrible layout and I hope to change it with a better one soon.

ALSO: I have just discovered the new Google tool to create web page:

I have created a darft page just to test it in 30 seconds:


I love FILEMON! It's so usefull and easy to use, try it !

(and also the others freeware utilities from SysInternals).


I'm working on some new idea on how to make a smarter local homepage.

Instead of using as homepage or why don't using a configurable local page with some IFRAME inside pointing to google and yahoo but also showing my link.

Persistence is obiousvly the problem, but it can be fixed by using a site as a configurator and at the asking the user to download the modified page.

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何かを理解し、簡単なソフトウェアのHD塗りつぶし infosthetics about WSTM f r e e t i b e t