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UPDATE 9.28 25/11/2007: first version application online. send comments ( and report bug )! :D

My friend Daniele Galiffa from has pointed me to the data coming from Follow The Money a nonpartisan organization dedicated to documentation and research on campaign finance at the state level.

I have used for now only data about Governors elected in 2006 and used they top 100 donors.

Images here and in my photo blog are the results of my first attempt to show the data using the prefuse visualization library

I will release the applet to produce the images when ready :D .

2006 governor

Italian follows :)

Qui potete vedere cosa si può fare in America con i soldi.

Qui potete vedere che cosa succede tra i soldi e la politica in America.

Qui potete vedere l'America.

Abbiamo ricavato i nostri dati da Follow The Money e li abbiamo resi visibili.

Si vede l'ambiguità di chi finanzia indistintamente Repubblicani e Democratici.
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