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a simple software to understand what fills your Hard Disk

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Treepie live!
treepie live



comment on treepie:

I went looking for software to search for large files and found that most of the “good stuff” is commercial. However, a fella in Italy has written a clever open source program called Treepie. At first glance you will look at the output and think “What the hell does THAT mean?” but once you start running your mouse over the output you will see how he’s organized things and it makes a lot of sense.

It’s not the fastest or the slickest program in the world, but it’s free and it gets the job done. It helped me find a folder off my root directory where I had forgotten to delete a number of ummm *cough* DVD images *cough*. Data, of course.


and also some interesting comment in:


mydisk as a graph

Originally uploaded by borgmarc.

I have modified the websiteasgrhaps applet to show my disk... still not usefull as but.... i love it :D

see it bigger


HDTREEPIE public tag

HDTREEPIE public tag
Originally uploaded by borgmarc.

download TreePie from,

use it to make a screenshot of your hard disk as drawn by TreePie,

put it on flickr and tag it HDtreepie ...

or if you prefere directly treepie (but i'ts also a bird :D ).


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