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Visual disk usage [Duv] :
Funny: at least has a colorfull display.

For linux

"Funny"? Of course the duv screen display is proportional to disk space. But unlike any other scheme, a careful observer can read the duv display accurately, without tools, to 0.1% (1 part in 1000.) When sorted by size, the quartiles of the entire distribution are visually obvious. The duv display also can usefully show 15,000 areas at a time at default size (512x512 window with 2x2 feature size), and 200,000 or more areas at a time on a large screen (1024x1024 window with 1x1 feature size). This is enough to get an understanding of the entire space distribution, something which is not possible using a pie chart. [duv author]
I hope you have not be offended by my osservation. sorry! :D

See you
Marco Borgna

PS: Mine software doesnt use a pie but a MULTILEVEL pie wich give the distribution of sive of a whole disk with also the ratio between dir and subdir.
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