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a simple software to understand what fills your Hard Disk

Marco Borgna Blog:


Do you need something similar to TreePie for Linux ? Bored of DU ?

try Filelight

it' s the coolest approach to disk usage display: TRY it!

You can also try KDIRSTAT wich is more serious and with a lot of functions, but less informative. It use treemap display: lot of confunsing squre one inside other to display disk analysis.


BaobapOpen Source
Filelight Filelight is an open software that shows your filesystem as a set of concentric pie (sunburst diagram)Open Source
GD MapOpen Source
KDE FSViewOpen Source
KDirStatOpen Source
xdiskusageOpen Source

check also

For windows a lot of disk usage tools are available (most as shareware):
Space Searcher

FolderSizes - Disk Space Management Software

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hi there

sounds like a great software


did you read any reviews about it?

I will be interested in getting more information about their software

i found you blog are interesting i have boorkmark you blog to read more in future thanks

thanks again

from kmz

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